Travel Notes 5/1/03

Let work at about 7:30

I wanted to leave work earlier, but I had a meeting. It was an important meeting to be at. I had to make sure I was heard. I really wanted to leave at noon. My drive would have been a lot better if I was able to do that.


Drove to about 11:30
Made it to:
Best Western – Liberty inn
5521 Dennis McCarthy Drive
Lebec, CA 93243

It was hard to know what kind of time I was making. After I get past Pacheco Pass the landscape stays the same most of the way until LA. It is not an exciting drive. I kept on having to press myself to keep driving. I think I got pretty far. I do not know

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I found out today, the day that I am leaving my trip, that my sister Alice is flying into LAX on Saturday the 10th. I had to call her to make sure that she knew that San Jose is not near LA. I know lots of people have a poor sense of California geography. She told me she wanted to fly into LAX because she wants to drive up the coast. I think this is a great plan. It also gives me a defined time to return home.


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