Hey RIAA, Share This...

It is amazing to me how often the some groups can get it wrong. I think the members of the RIAA should look at it basic concept. I wonder if those musicians see that the RIAA is wasting their money. I wonder if they see that it is being squandered by these idiots. The current business model for record companies is dying. They need to find a new business model. If they keep holding onto this one, the record business is doomed.

I will admit that I have stopped on-line music sharing because of threats of lawsuits and other law enforcement. It has not stopped me doing personal file sharing. I will share music with my friends. You would be amazed how many songs I have access to.

If I have one moral idea it is this, once a song has been in an advertisement I should be able to have that song for free. The advertisers have paid for that song. I should be able to go to their website and download that song. The ad is inflicted that song on the public. The listening audience should not need to pay for it after that.


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