Tara and I broke up yesterday. There are a lot of little reasons revolving around a big reason. We were moving at different speeds. She had good ideas what she wanted out of life. My ideas where much less clear.

I had the feeling for a few days that this might happen. I had the feeling that this was already on Tara's mind. When I said something, I could tell it was already on her mind. For a few days before I left I could tell that there were misfires between us. The little things that were not happening did not seem to be getting better. Most of those issues were mine failings.

I decided what I was visiting my family that breaking up was the right move. I feel like we did the right thing. We got along with each other really well, but that is not enough.

This has been a good experience. I had a good time dating Tara. I learned things about myself and what I want. Tara asked if she would get a good reference from me. I told her that I would give her a great one.

I am sorry for any level of heartbreak or pain I brought Tara. She is one of the best people I have met in a long time. I know that I can be careless with people's feelings. Especially with the feelings of people who are closest to me.


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