Travel Notes 7/10/03


When I had grown up in Pennsylvania I would hear people from other states talk about how Pennsylvania was so green. I never got what they were talking about. Now that I have lived in San Jose for almost four years, I can understand it. The hills to the east of Silicon Valley are so yellow. I do not go places with lots of leafy trees and green grass. It is all over the place around here.

Traveling Home

I still have a lot of friends who live in this area. On this trip home I will not see any of them. I am spending all the time seeing my family. Tonight I am playing cards with my parents. I feel that there is so much time I can just spend with my family. I see them so little, I would feel bad about cutting out on them.

I feel like I need to start going home for a longer period of time. If I want to see my family and my friends I have to take longer trips. I am thinking that I would need to spend 10 or more days here if I want to see everyone. This is not even counting the people I know in Harrisburg. Maybe I should take a whole month back here. I would be able to do anything I wanted. I would not have to worry about how I spend my time.


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