Travel Notes 7/12/03

Gate 13

In JFK airport, terminal 6 there is not gate 13. There is a gate 12, 12A, and 14.


I always eat a lot while I am home. This trip I ate two cheese steaks, one chicken cheese steak, one hoagie, Peanut Kandycakes, and a little water ice. I washed that down with a little yuengling lager. Going home is always about food. There are so many foods that I cannot get in San Jose. That is what I really miss about home.


I am somewhere over America, in an airplane, flying back to the city that is now my home. I am tried, uncomfortable, sore, barn sour, and bored. I am flipping through the channels on the DirecTV feed they have on JetBlue. I feel good because I gave my Mom a great surprise. I feel bad because there will be a lot of work on my desk when I get back. I feel revealed because I know how I am going to handle things when I get back.

What I really know is that I am going to land in Oakland at 1:30 AM tomorrow, get out of the airport around 2:00 AM, get to my apartment around 3:00 AM. All of those things add up to me wanting to do nothing but sleep tomorrow. I will figure out the rest of my life from there.


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