Sports and Gender

I read this list of reasons why men don't watch women's sports and I think they miss some big ideas. The first is that there is little tradition in women's sports. Tradition is what gets fathers and sons to watch sports together.

The second problem is that they are playing the same sports men are. I would try to develop other sports commercial women's sports. Right now you can always compare them to the men's versions of the game. The biggest Olympic sports are gymnastics and figure skating. It can be said that the women's and men's versions of those sports are different from each other. The same cannot be said about basketball and soccer.

The last problem is that women are not watching women's sports. Women's sports do not have the ability to draw man woman who were not sports fans before. I know many female fans of Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Most of those women are not interested in female sports. Men sports fans will not start watching until there is already a mass of female sports fans watching.

We have to remember the different between Title IX and pro sports is the difference between participation and spectators. I think it is great that more women get to participate in sports in America. What I am willing to spend my time and money watching are a whole different issue. Too often we measure sports success on spectators.

If I had a daughter I would rather she dream of playing sports as a hobby and not dream of playing sports as a way to make millions of dollars. We do not need those hollow dreams spread the rest of the population.


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