Monday Night Football/John Madden Drinking Game

It is September and that means one thing, the start of the NFL season. The Eagles and the Buccaneers are opening up Monday Night Football this year, but the Monday Night team is getting an early start on Thursday. I thought I should republish the drinking game.

1 Drink

- Uses Telestrater
- Non-Football comment
- Going to Lisa
- Mentions the Madden Cruiser
- Video Game Graphics
- Showing Al and John in the booth
- EA Sports, Ace Hardware, or any John Madden commercial
- When Al tries to be funny

"Thanks John" Someone after one of these says "Thanks John" and everyone else drinks

- Madden cliche
- Madden says something that would fit into his videogame
- Madden makes an obvious point about your team.

2 Drinks

- Shows the Madden cruiser
- Uses pre-game footage to make joke
- Mentions Food
- Mentions Player not in this week's game
- Jokes about player’s weight
- Shows Old footage
- Showing Al and John in the booth for a joke
- When Someone watching the games refers to the player making a video game like move
- Showing the horse trailer before they pick the player of the game

3 Drinks

- More then One player is the player of the game
- Showing an actual horse with the horse trailer

Finish Drink

- Mentions Turducken
- Any Four of the above at the same time

New Rules

2 Drinks

referring to Lisa Guerrero as New Sideline reporter
referring to anything as new for this season

Salute (Everyone stands up and drinks)

- Reference to Melissa Stark

Tell me if I am missing anything with this game.


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