San Jose at night

Holiday weekend nights are loud and noisy outside my apartment. One of the main drags is right outside my apartment. I can hear people cruising late into the night. A lot of loud cars and loud people go by my window.

Since I could not sleep I decided to take some photos. Around midnight I went to the 4th street parking garage. I have a camera with a 'night photo' feature and a remote control. It makes it very easy to take good night photos. I just have to find a good place to sit the camera.

As I used the camera on top of the parking garage I thought about the sign "No Photography" sign on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I just imagined someone seeing me up there and calling the cops. I just thought about the story I would tell the police. "No, I am not a terrorist, I am just taking pictures for my weblog." There was something about this idea that gave me a little thrill.

I was up there for about a half hour and the cops did not come. The city was beautiful at night. All the noise and people made it feel really alive. I wish I could capture everything I saw. It is hard to catch the lights in the east hills with my camera. I will have to do this again later.


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