Travel Notes: Young and Old Culture

One of the cool things about Prague is that it feels young and old all at the same time. Prague Castle was started over 1000 years ago. There is also the air that they are recovering from 41 years of communist rule. These things have a charm when combined. I get the idea that everything old in America is not very old when compared to Europe. The New Town Center of Prague was founded in the 16th century.

I learned a lot of about Czech history while I have been here. -The best 80 Korun (~$3.60) I have spent so far has been on the guided tour of Prague Castle. (Prazsky Hrad for the Czech speakers in the crowd) I learned a lot on that tour. It filled in a lot of Czech history for me. These are things I would never learned on my own. You could tell the tour guide was proud of Prague Castle and Proud to be a Czech.

This city has been under six different governments in the 20th century. It is easy to see how their culture has endured even after things like communism. It makes me wonder when the US democracy will have a major change. We have been around for two hundred years and the Constitution has not broken. It has changed in that time, but only in small steps. I wonder what it will look like in another 200 years. Will it have to break some day?


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