Goodbye to Supersonic

The Concord flew its last commercial flight on Friday. This means the end of supersonic commercial flight. This makes me a little sad. I know that it only went supersonic over the ocean. I also know there would be a good chance that I would never get to ride on it even if it was in service.

As a kid, I loved the idea of the Concord. I thought that would be the future of the world. To a child, there is something special about being the fastest plane. I thought the Concord and the SR-71 were the coolest aircraft in the world. They are the perfect aircraft for little boys dreams.

I feel sad about it because I feel it is a sign that we backing away from human endeavor. We do not want to go faster, we want to save fuel and make more money. It is like abandoning human space flight. It is like we do not care about improvement and exploration. We are happy with the status quo and being more efficient. I just think this is a bad idea.


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