Travel Notes: Back from Vacation and All Caught up

Note to the Bloggers I read:

Now I am back from a long vacation and all caught up with my writing. On my vacation I was unable to keep up with many of the blogs I usually read. There is no way that I will be able to catch up with everyone entries. Please send me an e-mail or link to the entry here if you had some major change in your life which your future blog entries will make no sense if I do not know.

Major life changes include but are not limited to, converting to a new religion, change of romantic relationship status, change of career, starting playing golf, finding a long lost sibling, purchasing a new car, change of political affiliation, joining a Rock and/or Roll band, appearing on a tabloid television show, having a sex change operation, seeing Cirtus Solie, starting a new therapy, visiting Europe, taking a contract out on my life, amnesia, coming out of any closet, changing educational situation, disowning me, changing from good to evil (or via-versa), starting a new self help program, or any major medial diagnose.


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