Travel Notes: Dreams

Ric Flair GI Joe - Dreamt on the train from Frankfurt to Prague 9/22/03

My brother and I had a hugh collection of G.I. Joe figures. It was an old collection from when they were first out in the 80s. We had hundreds of them. I wanted to get the Ric Flair G.I. Joe. It was special because it had attachments for the legs. We had our collection on display at a store. At the store I opened up the Ric Flair figure and checked it out.

The store was attached to a small amusement park. It was a park with miniature golf and bumper cars. We had to protect the park from people who where trying to sabotage it. It ended up that Triple H was the person trying to Sabotage the park.

I headed the open package to the man at the counter. He gave me a hard time about opening the package before paying for it. I told him that he should trust me because my collection was on display there. We fought about this for a long time.

High School Football - Dreamt at Wurtzburg 9/27/03

I was back on the high school football team. I knew I was too old to play, but they will still willing to let me suit up. All of the kids who were bench warmers when I was actually in high school were the stars of the team in the dream. I was not allow to play in the game because I kept on missing practices.

Pro-Wrestling and winning the Title - Dreamt at sea 10/1/03

I had a dream I was a pro wrestler. In the dream I wrestled Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Title. We were supposed to wrestle in a cage. The cage had razor wire around it. We both looked at each other like the promoter was crazy. He was supposed to beat me. As a protest to the razor wire we did a really short match and I won the title.

I did not have much of a character. I knew that Vince McMahon was going to have me lose the title right away. I knew I was not a very skilled wrestler, but I thought I could make a character people wanted to see. I went to Vince and asked him to let me cut a couple of promos. I wanted my character to be a lovable loser who had finally won a title.

Vince was willing to let me keep the title for a little while, but he did not like my idea. He broke into his acting voice and told me that I needed swagger and attitude. People did not really want to root for lovable losers. they wanted to root for winners. He said that would help me, but I had to jump at the chance.

Panther Cub Movie Intros - Dreamt at sea 10/2/03

In the one dream I was working for a TV Station/Department Store. I was on air talent for the bumpers of commercial breaks. Adam Saddler and I were going to do a bunch of little comic bits. For the movie we were doing this week, they sent us live animals as props. Among the live animals were a little panther cub and an octopus. I thought this was crazy. We did not know how to take care of these animals. There was not even a tank for the octopus. I looked around at the people I worked with, but they did not care.

The Panther cub had jumped on my face. I thought it was trying to hurt me and I screamed. No one in the store would take it off my face. I found out that the panther was just being playful. It just wanted me to play back. For the rest of the dream I carry the panther with me.

I had to go to the head of the station. I walked outside the department store and right next door. There was a brownstone right there. That is where the offices where. The brownstone had glass on the steps. I had use my free hand to move the glass aside. I only moved the glass from two steps and only used them.

The first three floors of the brownstone were the house of writer Anne Lamont. She was there with her son Sam. We talked about the Panther that I had on my had. She told me that if no one was willing to help me, I had to make sure it got done.

The fourth floor of the brownstone was the offices of the head of the station. I was surprised when they were willing to talk to me right away. There was a meeting with four executives and me. The head of the station was the guy who started T.G.I.Fridays restaurants. He kept on talking about the thin line about being successful and a failure. TGIFridays failed under his leadership and someone else had to take it over. I kept on trying to steer the conversation to the animals, but they kept on talking about other things.


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