Travel Notes: General Travel Thoughts

I have been thinking about traveling in Europe. I am wondering why I have waited this long to make this trip. I think that I should have come here earlier. I feel it is late in life, to try this.

I think I have some ideas why this took so long. I have always seen myself as having a blue collar ethic in my life. I know that I have never been a blue collar worker, but the ideals of blue collar America has always been important to me. I think that not traveling over seas is part of that.

I am not sure why I hold these values. Maybe it has something to do with my family. While my Dad traveled overseas for business, we never took a family trip overseas. Most of our family vacations were to visit family. I feel that my vacations should be to visit people.

No matter what the reason was, I am happy I have taken this trip now. I think that I will look closer at taking trips out of the country. It will be higher on my list of things to do. I will not worry as much about the things that go wrong.

Travel Snobs

I think that Sean and Marianne are travel snobs. The only bad part of this is that I will have to hear about their travel snobbery for the next few years. They have taken a lot of time to travel around Europe while Sean has been stationed here. It is one of the advantages of them living here.

The worst thing about travel snobs are that they are selective about the things they remember. Marianne will not remember how European cruises are not to the same standards as American Caribbean cruises. They will remember how the beer, wine, hotels, and roads are better in Europe. We will hear how Europians know how to enjoy themselves.

I guess I do not see the world that way. I think that it is what is inside of you that makes a place good or not. There are lots of boring places that can be made better with the right people.

I also do not travel the way that Sean and Marianne travel. I like to take more time places. I like to really soak things in. They like to see things and go. I think it takes me longer to understand a place. They get everything they can out of the place quicker. There is something important in this idea.

Driving to Venice

It is hard for me to figure out directions when I am not navigating. I figured out Prague because I had to. I am having as good of time on the trip to and from Venice because Sean is driving. I have no idea if we were ever going the right way or not. I think this is an important idea on how we get around the world.

I am happy that we drove to Venice. Lots of my experiences with travel have been through driving. I have seen a lot of landscape from riding in a car. It gave me a good context for the country side I was seeing.

The landscape through the alps was amazing. It was really cool to see the building that are just on really high places. We do not have that in the US because we were founded after the age of the castle.


It was raining in Wurzburg. Raining big, cold, wind driven drops of water. It is been a while since I have been in a rain like this. It was not coming down in sheets, but it was enough water to get me soaked. It was enough rain that I was forced to buy an umbrella. I have not used an umbrella since I lived in Pennsylvania.

I would have seen more in the city if it was not raining. I can tell they get real winters around here. Today had that cold and wet feeling that can chill you to the bone. There is something hard about walking around on cobblestone in the rain. I just do not trust my footing. It makes it really hard to get around.

Two Last Things

-I swear that Coca-Cola taste different over hear
-In the waiting you become the waiting. I have spent too much of my life waiting


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