Travel Notes: My time at Sea

Here are some notes from taking a cruise on my vacation.


I had a massage today. I wanted to pamper myself a little bit. I have always wanted to have a massage, but could never bring myself to look into doing it. This was easy because there is a spa right on the ship. The massage felt good, but I am not sure it was good for my body. I still have some sore spots and the message made them feel a little worse. I will have to look into getting a massage when I get back to San Jose.

Last night I went after it a little bit. I had a cigar, lost money at the casino, and filled up on as much free champagne as they would give me at the captain's reception. I have been drinking more then usual on this cruise. It just seems to be the vacation thing to do. I might need to take a break from drinking when I get back home.


It is weird to be on this cruise. I am here with my brother and his family. This is only the second time that I have seen them in the last four years. We are not as close as we could be. His kids are a little shy around me. It is not unbearable, but Sometimes I wish we were warmer with each other. The kids are very demanding of Sean and Marianne.

It does not help that I feel a little shy around there. I do not want to force myself on the kids. I think I end up being a little cold and distant to them. All of the kids are sleeping in Marianne's room. This is okay, but I wish I could be closer with them. I guess this is not going to happen anytime soon.

This cruise is different because it is majority Italian speaking. There are not that many English speakers. It makes it harder to have casual conversations with people. I cannot just walk over to people I do not know and start a conversation. I think it would be a little rude since I do not know any Italian.

If I took a cruise again, I would definitely travel with someone. Things would be easier if I had a partner of any kind. I would think about taking a cruise again, but I want to have someone who I can spend most of the time with.

Where are the days going

On the cruise it is hard to keep track of what day of the week it is. I can remember what day of the cruise it is, but mapping that back to the day of the week seems hard. Time is just floating past me.


I have a hard time believing I am on a cruise ship. I have been a little anti-cruise for a while. I did not think it fit my kind of vacation. I love going to cities and doing things on my own. I like to be the person in control of things. That is not really a cruise vacation.

I am not surprised that I am on this cruise ship. I knew I was going to go along with just about anything that Sean and Marianne came up with. I was willing to do just about anything just to hang out with them. It looks like the cruise was a good idea. It gave us the right mix of things to do.

I will having to think about taking a cruise in the future. I will only take one if I have someone to hand out with most of the time on the cruise. Cruise ships are not great places to hangout on your own.


What I like about the cruise is that I can do nothing and not feel bad about it. When I go on vacation I like to relax and just sit around. Sometimes I feel bad about not being more active on my vacations. I am going to visit cities, I should take advantage of them.


We are spending all day today at sea. We are not stopping at any port like we have done before. I have brought my laptop onto the deck to write. I had a story that I have been kicking around in my head for a while. I thought of a way to write it. I have been writing it on the deck today. It seems like a good use of my time.

I just finished a book yesterday. Reading the book make me want to write. Most times I would rather write then read. It seems like a find thing to do on a boat. I am not sure if it is because the boat is full of Europeans or if it is because I am so far away from Silicon Valley, but lost of people give me odd looks when they see me with my laptop.

A lot of the crew asked me what I was working on. All of them wondered if I had an internet connection. Most of the time I have been working on a story or my travel notes. I told one waitress that I wrote as a hobby. She said that I must be a romantic.


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