Travel Notes: On The Rhoads

We are currently docked at Rhoads. I am sitting in an internet cafe that used to be a hallway. It looks less sketchy then most of the internet cafes I have seen on the trip.

The trip has been very good so far. I am not the cruise ship type, but it is a good trip top take with my brother and his family. I have only see my bother's family three times in the last five years. That is the problem with him being in the army and me living on the West Coast. The ship has given me a chance to hang out with them.

The trip has really given me a change to know the kids and them the chance to know me. Everynight we get to sit down and have dinner together. This has been great. If we were just traveling around, I know that we would always eat on the run. The ship gives us more reasons to just hang around together. The structure might be a better way to interact with the kids. This trip seems to have been the right choice.

I think the next time I see the kids they will be less shy around me. The youngest does not hide everytime I look at her, the way she did when I was back for Mom's birthday. They all call me by name. I know it is hard for them when it has been so long since they have seen me. I have no doubt this trip was worth it.

It is strange to be on this cruise ship with my Brother's Family. The large majority of the passangers are not English speakers. At most there are 150 each speakers out of 1100 passangers. The majority of them speak Italian. It is hard to just strike conversations with people. I give Sean and Marianne some alone time with the family I wonder around the ship. I would like to be able to talk to people, but it does not happen too often.

On top of that there are very few single people on this ship. Most of the people are traveling as couples. I am not going to go to the ship disco with no date, no wing man, or no crew. It makes the cruise a little lonely at night. I wish there was someone I could pal around with when my family is on their own. That is the only thing I would change about this cruise.


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