End of The Year Mix CD challenge

stupid blogger screwing up before I am ready to post. This is the real post

We are now getting to the end of the year. It has been another year of new music and old music that I have heard for the first time. That means it is time for the End Of The Year Mix CD challenge.

challenge 1: Make a CD of the next new music that you have listened to this year. Yes it has to be music released in 2003. (If it was a 2002 single but a 2003 album, it is still okay)

challenge 2: Make a CD of the music that is new to you this year. Every year I seem to learn about albums I missed when they were released. Those songs go on this mix.

If you send me a copy of your mix I will send you copies of my 2 mixes. If you send me more than one copy I will send you my mixes and any extras I get from other people.

Please sign up in the comment box or send me an e-mail.


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