Best Day Of the Year

Last Year Jeremy challenged me to think of the best day of the year. He tried to keep track of the really good days. He wants to know what the best day of his life is. The only way to do that is to look at the best day of each year.

I am not sure I can nail down just one day as my best. I will have to choose My Mother's Birthday which I went home for.

Here on the Honorable mentions.

My Birthday Party
The Day Kathy and I went to the Giants game
My Second Date with Tara
The Day Going to Prague Castle
The Drive to Venice with Sean and family
The Day At Sea on the Cruise with Sean and his family
The Drive from LAX to San Jose with Alice
4.0 Wrap up Party
The Nanowrimo Write In November 13
Driving from San Diego to Tucson

Coming up with this list has shown me how much my blog has changed. I did not write all that much about these days. A lot of them I just lived them. I think that might be a little better.


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