I need to do something

The battery light in my car is on about 25% of the time that I drive it. I have taken it to mechanics to get it fixed, but they have not been able to find the problem. The battery is charging and the problem keeps on going away. It is truly a gremlin. If I took it to someone else to get it fixed, that would mean that I would need to put more money in to my car.

This means that I either need to buy a new car or get a cell phone. Getting a new car is why I do not want to put anymore money into this car. If I had the money for a new car, I would be driving one right now. I think I could swing a used car, but I want a new car for the first time in my life. I have only owned three cars, but someone else has always owned them first.

Since my car is having an odd problem and I do not want to get it fixed, I should get a cell phone. I have not had a cell phone up to this point. The main reason is because people do not call me. My home phone rarely rings. Most of the time it is telemarketers. I have always had a hard time paying an extra $35 a month to get no calls on that phone either. I need a cell phone so I can get help if when my car decides to give out. It is a matter of time before that happens.


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