social networking and its discontents

Jeremy has been writing about his problems with Social Networking Websites. I will agree with him that these websites are interesting, but nothing more then distractions. They to not live up to the promises they make.

I think the problem is that the users do not use them to their full extent. Everyone I know signs up, makes friends networks, browses the pictures, and does not pay any more attention to them. I think that the sites teach the people how to use them. I have never been introduced to a friend of a friend using one of these sites.

I know that I might be an unusual case, but more of my friends are a individual from each other. For the most part, they do know each other. A social network is counting on the fact that they want to know each other. The problem is that we are not used to meeting people that way. These sites do not provide the tools to get to know these people we are connected to as friends of friends. We are not sure how to do this on our own.

So far the best social network is Live Journal. It is the best because it is the only place you really get to know people. You really find more interesting things about people. The hard part is that most of my friends are bored with things like Live Journal. It makes a bunch of imaginary friends.


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