Things I cannot take pictures of

I took a lot of pictures this weekend. I did not have much to do before the Super owl started. I ended up going to the vista points on I-280 in San Mateo. One of the points of trying to take pictures is to stop at all those places where I keep driving by and wonder about.

I got to the vista point and parked next to a Black Honda. When I got out a noticed a woman siting in the back crying. I just walked away. I thought if I was crying at some road turn off, I would want to be alone. I walked around and took a few pictures. I also wanted to see who else was at the vista point. There were people just standing around. I was not sure if anyone else was with that woman.

As I took pictures I thought about this woman. I wondered if she was in really trouble. How would her life be changed if someone reached out to her. I was not sure what I was going to do. I had the feeling that I should say something to her.

When I got back to my car she was still sitting there, but now she was reading the bible. I thought this was really strange now. I started to question what I had saw in the first time. Was she crying because something was wrong or was she crying because she was reading the bible? I just left and did not say something to her.


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