Thoughts on Oursourcing

This morning Mercury News today there was a column about what Venture Capitalist think about Outsourcing. I have to agree with the VCs on this one. Tony Sun says, "protectionism is not good for the country in the long term, it has never been good, no matter who expedient in the short term."

After seeing the Democratic presidential candidates campaign on the evils of off-shoring, I am more sure then ever that it cannot be stopped. If we try to stop American companies from doing it, then foreign company will have an market advantage. If we try to stop those companies from selling in our markets, we will be total isolationist. This does not work because then we would lose jobs because we will not be able to sell our products overseas.

If an American engineer gets earn ten times as much in salary then an Indian engineer, that American needs to be that much more valuable to the company. We have no special right to that job just because we live here. The burden is on us to be worth the money they are going to pay us.

I think it stings a lot in Silicon Valley because we are just coming out of a big boom. A few years ago everyone working in the tech sector here was getting way overpaid. An engineer could write his own ticket. People were getting all kinds of perks and money. It is quite a blow to see that someone else can get your job for that little money.

Education and work ethic are the answer. We cannot just pout and yell, "you cannot have those jobs because we said so!" The well educated people in these countries have the right to good jobs. In the long run, a better employed world is good for the US.

I am not saying these things will not be painful. I am saying that we have to fight for our job. The only right way to fight is to be worth the money we are being paid. We have to do jobs that the workers in these countries do not do well.

Am I the only person that thinks this way?


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