National Novel Writing Month Wrap Up

I know this is a little late, but November and December have been kicking my ass. It has been hard for me to get things done. I hope to not have this problem in the new year.

As just about everyone knows I did National Novel Writing Month. I finished my novel, Prayers To St. Oprah, but I am not very happy about it. I think the novel right now is ready to be deleted. I cannot say good things about it. It I tried to do anything with this novel, I would have to almost start from scrach.

November was a hard month because I had to work a lot. Most of the time when I was writing I felt guilty because I was not doing stuff for my job. Much of my crativity was draned by the job. I felt that I just could not get out of the mental space of my job.

When I was writing, it did not make me happy. I did not really like what I was coming up with. I just could not find what was going to make the story special. I just did not have the guts to send the story totally off the rails either. I could not bring in the alien invasion or turn it into an end of the world story.

Last year was much more fun and more rewarding. This year the whole thing just dragged me down. I felt like I was in a funk much of the time. I had fun at times, but it was like I was chasing something that was not really there. It is hard when you expect something to be better then it turns out. It is like I let myself and other people down since it was not a good experence.

The highlights of this year was meeting some new people and bonding with some people I already know. I do not know where 2005 will be leading for my writing. I am not sure where it will be leading me with Sad Salvation either.

I am not sure if I will do National Novel Writing Month next year. I am not sure where my writing is heading. I am not sure about most of the goals in my life. That makes most of this hard.


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