2004: As Years Go

I have been thinking about 2004 and my life. For a number of years, I have been able to say that each year had been better for the one before it. I would say that was true from 1996-2003. Each of those years my life things were getting better. I could say that each year was better then the year before it.

Looking at 2004, I cannot say it was better then 2003. 2003 was a great year. It was just too hard for 2004 to live up to 2003. I guess that was bound to happen. Some years will just be a hang over for the year before them. In 2004 I did not do anything as big as going to Europe. I loved traveling to Europe. I cannot wait for the chance to do it again.

In 2003 I also dated Tara. In the end it did not work between Tara and me, I am still happy I dated her. I did not have an experence that compaired to that. 2004 held nothing for me in terms of romantic relationships.

2004 felt like a hold pattern year. It was like I was waiting for the better moments to come. I know I was still paying for some of the things I did in 2003. I am not sure what 2005 will be like. Holding patterns are bad because they seem to be a waste of time. I will be working hard in 2005 to make a change from that feeling.


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