Conventional Media V. Blogs: Who do you trust

I have been thinking a lot about blogs and conventional media. I was talking with a women about blogs. She said that she trust conventional media because professional journalist have editors. My experience is that does not always keep the stories factual. If the editor and journalist have the same agenda this system can break down.

I have been reading a lot of product reviews on blogs. What gets me is that every blog just points to another blog. Many of the reviews seem to read the same way. They do not stand on their own talking about their own experiences. To broaden when they are writing about they trust what other people are writing without experiencing it themselves. I think this is a general problem with some blogs. It is one thing when you are quoting another blog for their option. When you mix it with your own option all of this get messy.

I have seen articles in major publications make mistakes. They seem to make the same kind of mistakes that the bloggers make. I want to make this clear that hard news is different then business and technology news. When it comes to hard news I trust the Conventional media much more. There is some consequence if they get hard news wrong.

I guess when it comes to some thing, I expect that no one knows what they are really talking about. People who care about electronics enough to write about it seem to be out of the mainstream. In the end that distorts their reviews and their predictions about how a product will do. I guess I should relax and stop reading all the reviews.


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