Who do you believe?

My sister Kathy sent an article about Jose Canseco and his new book Juiced. Here are the comments she included

I have to agree. MLB is saying he has no credibility. If he truly lied it is the worst of slander and the "victims" should sue. If they don't sue, it is as good as an admission, since truth is the only defense (since he didn't say, "in my opinion", he stated it as fact.)

I totally agree with my sister. This is the situation where not defending yourself it admitting Canseco is telling the truth. Since he is printing it in a book it is hard to just laugh him off. I think if it was just an interview it would be a whole different story.

I watched the Jose Canseco on 60 Minutes on February 13. He really lacks something in the credibility department. He has been broke and has had problems with the law. People can say Canseco will write anything to make money. Canseco is not a guy who has ever been popular in the clubhouse. To me that just means that he has no reason to keep the Code of the Clubhouse. Canseco can say things other guys cannot because he has nothing to protect.

According to Michael Wilbon of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption. He Claimed that players will not sue because they do not want to be deposed. They would have to open their lives up to the court if they did sue. It is easy for them to just deny.

Reading through the lines it means that even if you did not do it with Canseco, you might have done it sometime. My guess is that most sports writers are willing not to investigate these guys on Canseco's word. Lots of sportswriters what to believe that it is not true and that is going to guide how they go after this case. I guess they are all wondering to see if the storm will hit or not.

I am surprised that no one has come up with the Ken Caminiti defense yet. If I was a player like Giambi I would say that there was so much juice in baseball I had to take them. To not take them in a situation where they are not tested for would be to put your career at risk. I would blame the league for not taking care of the players.

No matter what, we are about to go into the second year of the Steroid doubt era in baseball. I think there will be more problems ahead for the national pastime. Maybe someone will get the home run crown this year with 36 home runs.


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