Do You Know the Way To San Jose

Or notes from the road

  • Someone sneezes on a flight and the first thing I think about is 12 Monkeys.

  • Add Read to the list of things I cannot do on an airplane. This list is getting longer. I will not be able to fly at all if it gets much longer.

  • The older I get, the more boring air travel becomes. I can remember when I looked at getting on a plane as an adventure on its own. It is now just a necessary evil to get across the country. A cross country flight kills my day from doing anything else.

  • For my ride to the airport
  • Road work traffic
  • Ticket counter
  • Airport security
  • Airport gates
  • On the Runway to take off
  • For the drink cart
  • To get off the plane
  • Baggage claim

  • Coming back to my apartment was odd. It looked different then I remembered. I am not sure why that was.
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