From There to Here

I started April back in Philadelphia with my family. I am now back in San Jose. The big difference between the two places is work. When I back with my family I do not think about work at all. I have all the time I want to hang out and be with people. I never have to rush off to work. Work takes up very little of my mental space when I'm in Philadelphia. Family and Friends are what frame my time.

When I am in San Jose work is the main focus of my life. It frame everything else that happens. I bend everything else around the job. It is what tells me when to get up and when to go. Work is first and everything else is second.

If I lived in Philadelphia I would have to work. I am not sure why work is so important to me living in San Jose. I can think of three reasons, 1) there is something special my job that captivates me, 2) anywhere I would work would be this important to me, 3) my job takes up so much of my life because I have not filled my life with other things in San Jose. The answer to this question would really effect me if I ever decided to move back to Philadelphia. I am not sure how to figure out the answer to this question without taking my life apart and putting it back together.


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