John Paul II, God Bless Him

I think that it is odd that the Pope died when I came back to Philadelphia. Here is the root of my Catholic life. Since I moved out West I have not been part of the church. I am connected to the Roman Catholic church through my family. I have been talking a lot with my mother about the John Paul II. We share each other our memories of the Pope. There have been lots of TV coverage around it. I wonder if I was meant to be here when this happened.

I have liked John Paul II as a Pope. I do not agree with everything he has done, but I think he was great for the world. He visited more people and more countries then any other Pope. He thought it was important to be close to the faithful. He felt that he had to reach out to people of other faiths. He was the first Pope to ever enter a synagogue or a mosque. He showed that important for him not only be a church leader, but a world leader. History will show how important he was a world leader.

I will remember him as a pope that stood against Communism. I will remember how he came out against the Death Penalty. I will remember how he stood for peace in the world. I will remember how he thought youth was important how well he excited them.

I did disagree with some of the things he did. I think that women should be allowed in the priesthood. I do not agree with what happened with the US sex abuse scandal. I think that more chance could come about with the church. I think that change is important. I am not sure we are going to see it soon if we did not see it from John Paul II.

I worry that the next Pope will be more conservative then John Paul II. I worry that it could be much worse. There are bad relationships that can be made worse. I do not want to see the hard liners in control of the church. I think that will not move people closer to God. I also do not want to see a Pope who withdraws from the masses.

John Paul II is the only pop I remember. My ideas of what a pope should be are formed by John Paul II. Half the world has that same experience. The future popes will have a lot to live up to. Right now all we can do is morn John Paul. Lets remember him for the positive.


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