I have not been taking many pictures lately. Some time last year I just fell off. From time to time I will see a picture I want to take, but they usually take too long to set up. The picture is usually gone by the time I can get my camera out and ready. When I was in Philadelphia every thing seemed too intrusive. The places I saw photos I did not feel good about pulling out my camera.

On top of t I have been having problems with iPhoto. I wonder if there is a max size for an iPhoto library. I have over 13000 photos and it is always giving me troubles. I just hate fighting with it. If it is not working I usually give up and work on something else. There are too many other things I could be doing. I did break down any re import everything from scratch, now I have to spend time getting everything organized again.

There is something I love about photography. I love digial photography because I do not have to pay for my mistakes. I can just delete them. I feel that i can go and take a picture of anything without worring too much.

The problem is finding things that I want to take pictures of. I just have not been inspired lately. My camera has a 512 MB card. I like the idea of not uploading the pictures until I have filled up the card. This gives me the chance to later be suprised by the pictures I took.

To help modivate myself to take pictures I went to a Flickr meetup. I signed up for my Flickr account in May of 2004. I had not used it much. There were not that many people signed up when I started. Nolw there is a real cult of Flickr out there. Now I know lots of people who are using it.

I am currently posting old pictures to flickr. I will be going though those pictures while I fill up my memory card.


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