The Polyphonic Spree is killing my iPod

Recently I have been trying to listen to the Polyphonic Spree album The beginning Stages of... on my iPod. The problem is that it just kills my battery life. There is a 36 minute song on the end of the album. Most users do not realize that long or large songs use up their battery life quicker. On the Apple Support site it iPod's cache works most efficiently with songs of average file sizes (less than 9 MB)...consider breaking very long songs or tracks into shorter tracks that have smaller file sizes. Just having a long song in the playlist you are listening to drains the battery quicker.

I really hate this design constraint. I love listening to whole albums. I do not want to leave long songs out of the playlist or cut them unto smaller bits. Neither of these solutions work.

There are lots of problems with cutting the songs up to smaller bits. One is that I have a huge music collection. I have over 20 GB of songs that or 9 MB or more. That means I would have to have two copies of all these songs. That is just stupid. I would rather use that 20 GB for something else. If I did cut up songs the shuffle function would be useless. Who wants to hear little bits of songs? I would also have to make lots of extra rules on my smart playlists so these songs would not be cause.

Does this mean that the iPod does not work for people who like classical music? I would be kind of pissed if I was a classical music fan and found this out. It would really make the iPod useless.

I know that this will never get fixed. I know that Apple will always look at this like I am an outlier. I think this is one thing that is wrong with a product that is almost perfect. That is what makes this so frustrating. I will have to wait until the iPod is pressed to have another function like video.


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