KRON blogger meetup Pt. 2

I talked to a lot of bloggers at the KRON meetup. I talked to more then I could keep in my head. The KRON General Manager said the main point of the meetup was for the bloggers to network. I think I approached it more like a cocktail party then a place to network. I was looking to have a good time and not too worried about interesting people in Sad Salvation.

The South Bay had a strong condescend with Courtney, Fling93, and Kevin were there. I hung out with them some, but I wanted to spend my time talking to people I did not know.

I talked to Amy from Cooking with Amy was talked about taking pictures of food. She has to slow her family so she can take pictures of the food. She also told the story of a guy who took photos of everything he ate for a year. The pictures were not good, but they were compelling.

There seem to be a lot of people with cooking and food blogs there. I guess it is something we all do. It is better that we write about it. I also meet Biggles from MeatHenge. He gave me a business card with his slogan, "If it ain't pork, it ain's sausage."

The cameraman covering the event Stanley Roberts also has a food blog, We8there.

Biggles was there with his sister Kallisti. She runs a doll blog Blastmilk. The name comes from a babblefish translation of the description of the dolls. That is what happens when you try to go from one language to another.

The people from Runrab told me I had to see their site to understand it. After seeing it, I am not sure if I understand it.

I talked to Josh Wolf about his video blog The Revolution Will Be Televised. I asked him if he thought many people would take the time for this kind of production. He said he did not know because he was was producing the video anyway. The blog is just another way to get it out there.

I talked to Josh and Dave Goodman about production quality v. Interesting content. The production quality or writing quality of a blog is not as important to me as the ideas behind the content. They both told me they want both well written and interesting ideas in the blogs they read.

I talked to Clyde Smith from ProHipHop. He runs a HipHop business journal blog. We talked about a lot of ideas about hiphop and music. He like my ideas about the changes happening with iTunes and music.

I was around some bloggers that I did not talk to, but I overheard parts of their conversations. Bloggers like Niall Kennedy, Min Jung Kim, Craig Newmark, and Anil Dash.

The best quote I heard all the day was from Tantek. "There can never be too many blogs. Having too many blogs is like having too many voters."

He said this after he miss heard a comment I made about there being too many blogs. I meant that there are too many blogs in the bay area for it to be one community or "blogosphere." The bay area is like the Amazon rainforest of blogs. It is not one community, but lots of little communities that are very tightly packed together.

I wonder if the size and density of the community will keep KRON from achieving anything. I understand that they see blogs as the new media and they think it is important for us blogger to see television news as relevant. I just wonder if they will be able to make in roads with enough of us. I am not sure how many bloggers are in the bay area. Only 100 of them showed up. Maybe the group is to diverse.


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