Audience and writing

I figured out a little while ago who most of my readers are. I believe that most of my readers are people who have met me in person. After that, my readers break into three big categories. Silicon Valley Bloggers/Nanos, Co-workers, and out of town friends. There is a small category of others after that. I know that some people use it as a way to keep up with me. I know that some people check in on it more often than I am aware.

I am thinking of the mix of personal content vs. world content. I know this mix is always changing. I know that some times my blog becomes pure personal ego and other times it becomes about anything but me.

Over the last few weeks I have been really struggling with this. Should I be writing more about the outside world? What makes a blog interesting to people? Is there any reasonable way I can make my blog more interesting? Why am I writing Sad Salvation right now?

For a few weeks I was only writing about non-personal things. I have been doing this because things in my personal life have been going well. It is hard to write about things when they are going well. I find there is a focus and strength that comes from writing about things that are going wrong. I feel that unhappy is much easier to explain to other people than happy. Maybe I am worried about thinking about being happy. If I try to deconsturct it, I might kill the golden goose.

When I first starting writing Sad Salvation I wanted to write enough about myself where a reader would feel that they had some idea of who I am. I like the idea of there being a mix of the greater world and my personal world. I think that these are the kinds of blogs I like to read. You might not be getting to know the real me, but it is the web version of me.

I know there are people in the Silicon Valley Blogger Group who want to read blogs that tell them something about the world. I talk to these people and it has an effect on me. I stop writing about myself for a while. I think they might be right about what makes a good blog. My sense of what I am writing is always changing because of the feedback I get.

I am not sure what I am going to do. Should I write about myself? Should I write about the world? How much of each should I do? Should I only write when I have something important to say? Should I write because it captures everyday thinking?

What does my audience think?


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