More Leia's Metal Bikini

Originally uploaded by BullSchmidt.

Looking around Flickr, I was able to find the above photo. I was also able to find a web site that is dedicated to Leia's Metal Bikini. This is a little scary to me because it might be an example of where western culture has gone wrong. It is odd to see so many people who would obsess about a few scenes in a movie. I know it is part of the most popular film franchise of all time; but still, it's just a few scenes.

I know my friends have been showing their kids Star Wars. Will these kids dress up like Stormtroopers and Metal Bikini Slave Girl Princess Leia? Is this something that will still have a life because of the new movies?

If I go to Comic Con next year I will try to take pictures of all the women in metal bikinis I see.


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