San Diego and Me

Every time I go do San Diego I see something different in the city. A few years ago I really wanted to move to San Diego. I had lots of close friends down there and it seemed to be a better place then San Jose. At that time I had not found a fit in San Jose. I thought I might be happier down there.

I no longer feel this way. I am happy that I stuck it out in San Jose. I learned more about myself and created something for myself by staying here. I have some good friends in San Jose. I also have a community of people I feel that I fit in with. If I would have left I would never wrote a novel. Who know what would have happened to Sad Salvation?

San Diego is a great place to visit. I am still close with my friends down there. I just cannot see how I would ift in there. I cannot see what my life would be like there.

Steve and I walked on the beach after dinner one night. It reminded me how I love the ocean. I should take more effort to do to the beach here. Part of me thinks it would be cool to live on Pacific Beach. I know that I am too old to be living there doing that.

I am happy now that I never really had to choose between San Jose and San Diego. I am happy no one ever offered me a job there. It was better for me to stay here and really make a life here.

I go there now and I am just getting away from my everyday life. It was relaxing to be down there. I am not worried about anything in my everyday life. I did not feel that way when I wanted to move down there.

San Diego is still on the list of places I could live someday. If I moved there now I would not be running away from San Jose. That is an important thing to know. I know I will leave San Jose someday. I just do not feel that I will be running away.


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