Travelblogue: Driving Day

out my window
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

It is hard to take a picture of nothingness. That is what much of I-5 feels like. Between Pacheco Pass and Grapevine, there is not a whole not going on. It is all farmland with nothing to look at.

I started the day in Carmel Valley. I got up early so I could drive back to San Jose. I know that if I did not leave early, I would not have wanted to leave Dreamgirl at all.

After a short stop in San Jose I drove down to San Diego. I did not keep track of how many miles I drove, but I was in my car for over 9 hours today. It was a lot of driving.

The drive was harder then I expected. I have driven from San Jose to San Diego a few times now. Everytime it seems to take more out of me then I expect.

I noticed that there are huge beehives on some of the overpasses. I did not see any bees, just the hives.

I got to LA around sunset. It was very hazy. It looked like I was driving into a volcano. It was like I was driving into something ominous. That is how LA often feels like me. Even when I am just driving through it.


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