Google and underground video

Slacy left a link to Why I Love Shoplifting From Big Corporations as a comment to something I posted about the song Shop Lifters of the World. I just got around to watching this video. I really enjoy the video. It is a great short film. I think it is the perfect thing to watch over the web. That means it is perfect for Google Video.

This short movie has a punk rock ethic to it. I am not sure what the filmmaker did to actually make this movie. It is like a big middle finger to Walmart. I want to find more movies like this. I want to see what filmmakers are doing.

The main problem with Google Video is that I cannot find other videos like this. There is on way for me to say I like this, find me other content I will like. I want to find other movies like this. I could not find a good way to find videos that I did not know of before.

I am also a little upset that there is no Mac support for Google Video. I have to watch the videos on my crappy old laptop. Hey Mr. Google, we need some Mac Support over here.

A long time ago Francis Ford Coppola said that he hoped that the next great American filmmaker would be a 12-year-old girl with a camcorder. The promise of Google video is that might become true. Google Video can bring people video from way out on the long tail. The problem is that if every 12 year old girl goes out and makes videos, we will miss the one who is truly a genus. We will not have the time or the inclination to dig through them all to find her. We are not digging in Live Journal to find the people who can really write. We still need editors out there to pick out the good stuff. Doing it the Google way may not be enough.


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