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Fiesta Crowd
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I went to the Flickr Fiesta on Monday Night. I thought this was a cool idea. I like the idea of a website throwing a party for the users. There are a lot of really passonate flickr users. It is the kind of website that people really geek out about.

I ran into a lot of people I know. There are lots of people from the South Bay Bloggers that use Flickr. I think the core of the bloggers group all use Flickr. I ran into some other people there, but I was not surpised. There is a connection between bloggers and Flickr. It seems like people who have blogs really understand Flickr.

wall of Flickr
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I am happy that I knew some of the people there. I had a very hard time just starting up conversations. Most of the people there seemed to be in groups already. Most of the times I got dirty looks when I tried to join conversations. The odd things was how many of them did not want me to take their picture. That just seems odd at a Flickr event.

It was a large cocktail party. There was beer, wine, and snacks. People were just standing around and talking. I noticed few conversations about flickr. People talked about cameras and photography. It was mostly random conversation. People were not talking about how they use Flickr or the cool features of Flickr.

In the camera
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I think one of the problems was how the event was setup. There were members of the flickr team there, but I did not know who where they are. They did not stand out. I had no idea who to talk with about the site. They were promoting other Yahoo features there like 360, Music Unlimited, and My Yahoo. There were people from these teams I could talk to.

I guess I wanted there to be more Flickr at the party. I wanted to see more cool stuff. I wanted people telling me things I did not know. I wanted to know the staff's favorte groups and favorite photos. I wanted to learn cool tricks. I thought there could have been more.

my favorite anachronism
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I loved looking at people's nametags. Above was one of my favorites. I thought it was funny to call some a member of the press at a Flickr event. Almost everyone I knew there was a blogger. Many people there run large and well know blogs. What is the press in the world of blogs? Erick was from Business 2.0. He told me that someone made him wear this name tag.

I still had a good time. I like the people I hung out with there. If this was a few years ago I would have been standing alone the whole time. Now most of my non-work friends are from blogger or flickr meet ups. It was easy to run into people I knew there.

At the end of the night I almost could not leave. Someone parked so close to me that I could not get into my car. I had to ask someone else to back my car out for me. Luckly she was much smaller then I am. I was warned that there was something about the Yahoo! campus that made people unable to park.


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