Google Talk

I have been using Google Talk over the last couple of days. I think it is interesting how Google is basically into everything. They are working their way into being the internet utility. I can see why Google wants to be in everything. I am not sure it is a great business plan.

I heard a couple of radio reports that talk about Google Talk and other voice chat technology will be the end of telecom as we know it. The term for this new sector is techcom, like it is somehow different then telecom. The people on the radio reports talked like new technology companies will be able to do things that the current telecom companies cannot do.

The problem is if you do not already have high speed internet and a computer, Google talk becomes the most expensive communication system in the world. Google Talk only works because it uses other parts of the communication system. I am happy that Google Talk does not cost anything. I have already paid for enough parts of that system.

Personally I think that America is in love with its cell phones. We love having a phone that we can take everywhere with us. We like the fact that we do not need to make specific plans. We can just call each other when we get there. I do not see Google talk being able to eat into this market.


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