Google Video and Television

Last night Slacy sent me a link to see the premire of Everybody hates Chris on Google Video. I watched the show and it is okay. It really is the UPN-2005 version of the Wonder Years.

I have been using Google video for a little while now. It is okay, but it seems to lack a way to find good content. I guess someone has to start a blog rating the content. I just do not want to go throught the bad content to get the good content. I will have to wait for someone else to do this.

I find it interesting that Everybody Hates Chris would put a full episode on Google Video. The hardest thing for a new show is finding and audance. I think it is important to get the episode in front of as many people as you can. I just setup a season pass for the show on my TiVo. It is easy to see why this is worth it for UPN to put the show on the internet.

I read lots of people that want to use Bit Torrent to get shows. They want to watch shows on their computer whenever they want. Many times I hear the argument that the shows even have commericals, how can it be bad for the networks. Those people might think a network putting a whole television show without commericals is just like getting shows from Bit Torrent.

The problem that rights holders have with Bit Torrent is that it is so easy to library. With Google Video the production video can take it down when they are ready. Right now companies are worried about technologies eating into DVD sales. Who knows, in a few years we might look at DVDs like 8-tracks.


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