John Madden Drinking Game

It looks like Ms Value Fair has noticed the old Monday Night Football /John Madden drinking game. I have not found another one of these on the internet. That means it is time again to update and a re-post.

I am sad to say that this will be the last year of the MNF/JM drinking game. Next year John will be on the NBC Sunday Night broadcast and Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN. I feel that we have to get the game right this year.

Monday Night Football /John Madden drinking game

1 Drink
- Uses Telestrater
- Makes a Non-Football comment
- Going to the sideline reporter
- Mentioning the Madden Cruiser
- Using Video Game Graphics
- Showing Al and John in the booth
- Showing EA Sports, Ace Hardware, Outback Steakhouse or any John Madden commercial
- Al or John tries to be funny
- John imitates someone
NEW - Any mention of Monday Night Football Moving to ESPN
NEW - Any mention of John and Sunday Night Football on NBC

"Thanks John"
Someone says “Thanks John” and everyone else drinks when:
- John utters a typical Madden cliche
- John says something that would fit into his video game
- John makes an obvious point about your team

2 Drinks
- Shows the Madden cruiser
- Shows pre-game footage
- Mentions Food
- Mentions Player not in this week's game
- Jokes about player’s weight
- Shows Old/Archive footage
- Showing Al and John in the booth for a joke
- When someone watching the game refers to the player making a video game-like move
- Showing the horse trailer before they pick the player of the game
- Referring to anything as new for this season
- If Al imitates someone
NEW - John calls someone the “best ever” or “one of the best”

3 Drinks
- More then one player is the player of the game
- Showing an actual horse with the horse trailer

Finish Drink
- Mentions Turducken
- Any Four of the above at the same time
- If anyone imitates an former MNF announcer
NEW - John or Al get choked up in the booth while talking about not working together next year

Salute (Everyone stands up and drinks)
- Reference to Melissa Stark
- Referring to Lisa Guerrero

Tell me if I am missing anything with this game.


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