Music Via cell phone

It is clear that the cell phone is the place many businesses think music is moving to. In the last couple of weeks we have seen everything from the Motorola ROKR to Warner and MTV announce music videos for cell phones. With lagging CD sales, lots of people are looking at cell phones as a source of revenue.

Ring tones are a billion dollar business world wide. Some people wonder if ring tones are nothing more then the current pet rock. Other people think that it is around to stay. Right now lots of companies want a piece of that billion dollar business.

One of the biggest complaints about the ROKR is that you cannot access music from the internet from it. It does not allow the user to download music from the internet/iTunes Music Store or stream music to the phone. They only way you can get music on the ROKR is by hooking it up to your computer. I am interested in seeing how well this phone does. I would not be surprised if we see more features on it in the future.

I do not think there will be no stand alone MP3 players in five years. I am not the type of person who wants a cell phone that does everything. I like devices that are very good at the core task. I do not want a device that is just okay because it has to do so many things. I cannot see people getting their music via cell phone either. I think the computer will be the digital music hub for the next decade or so.


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