Skin Art

Originally uploaded by earthdog.

Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I am becoming more interested in tattoos. I am not at the point of getting a tattoo for myself. I have the feeling that I will get one some day. I am just waiting for the desire to build. I am waiting for that image that I cannot get away from to burn into my mind. I am waiting for an image that I can live with for the rest of my life. Then I will get a tattoo.

For now I am just looking at the tattoos of others. I am amazed by some of the tattoos I see. I keep on seeing tattoos that are real works of art. I am just amazed when I see some of them. I feel that people walking around with this ink have a real devotion to art. I feel lucky when they let me take pictures of them.

I think I will take more photos of tattoos in the future. This might be a new photographic obsession for me. Most people I ask are happy to have me take pictures of their tattoos. I want to develop a nice collection of photos of tattoos. In some way, it is keeping me from having to pick a tattoo for myself.


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