Grassroots journalism: Actual content vs. shining ideal

I read some of this report about Grassroots journalism: Actual content vs. shining ideal. I agree with the conclusion, I just do not agree with the way they came about the conclusion. I think there are much better sites out there that can be looked at. I am not sure that the person who did this study knows what is happening in the blogging world.

I want more journalism in my news blogs. I want people to check sources. I want people go through the same editorial process as a news paper. I want people to contacted for comment. I want there to be some real research. Bloggers get news wrong very often. If you are going to pretend to be a journalist, take the next step and act like one.

Personally I am not a Citizen Journalist. I am a Blogger. That means that I write about what I read on the web. I do not try to break news or get scopes. I do not treat everything I read as truth. I do not start death watches off what other blogs publish. I am a Blogger.


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