Mid-Term Election

In Summer of 2004 I had some friends tell me that they were thinking about moving to another state so George W. Bush did not win re-election. They were willing to move to another state because everyone knew that George Bush would never win California.

One of my problems I have with most of my liberal friends is that they only talk about the President. Right now they just look at what George W. Bush is doing. I never hear them talk about what is going on in Congress. It is like they do not pay attention to Congress at all. If the Republican lost one of the houses of Congress George W. Bush would have so much less power.

I ask my friends who thought about moving in 2004, would you move in 2006? Would you move to a Congressional District where a republican was weak? Would you move to a state where the Democrats had the chance to win a Senate seat? How far are you willing to go? If you have been thinking about leaving the US, is it worth moving someplace else in the US for a few months to change things?

I am starting to hear my friends wonder who the Democrats are going to run in 2008. I hope the whole Democratic party is not feeling this way. If they are they have already lost. In the 90's the Republicans in the House proved the importance of winning in Congress. I wonder how long it will take before the Democrats can figure out how to win the House again.


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