My Adventures In Small Rock

The End of the Show
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On Saturday night I went to see Mike Doughty at the Independent in San Francisco. Since almost no one ever comes to San Jose, I had to go up there. Mike Doughty used to be the lead singer in Soul Coughing. I have been listening to his solo albums a lot lately. It is not as electronic as Soul Coughing. I like it because of the lyrics.

I was not too interested in seeing him live until I heard some of his live albums on eMusic. The live albums are very interesting. He brakes into other songs in the middle of his songs. Once I heard the live recording I wanted to see him

I had a pretty good time at the show. Mike Doughty is very good at interacting with the audience. In a small venue like the Independent you can get hecklers. Mike did a good job of taking what the hecklers said and making a joke out of it. He did the old trick of miss hearing what the heckler said.

In the show Mike Doughty mentioned Small Rock. He even made a joke about there being a website called I am still not sure what the idea of Small Rock is. It has something to do with the size of the venues that Mike Doughty is playing in. Mike Doughty puts on a pretty good show for that size venue. The highlights of the show were Mike Doughty breaking in California Love, Paradise City, and Hungry Like a Wolf.

Rocking Out
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