travel-blogue Day 1

Early in the morning

There are few things in the world that will get me up at 3:24 AM. One of those things is a cheap flight to Philadelphia. I cannot remember my last flight out of San Jose where I left my apartment after in the daylight. It is always dark when I get out of my place.

When flying out of San Jose. I like taking the first flight. I feel that I am getting the most out of my day when I fly early. I guess if feels like my trip is starting earlier.

Flying takes so much out of me. I can never do anything when I get to my destination. The problem is that I cannot do anything before I fly either. All I do is sit around and worry about getting to the airport early enough.

I got here so early this morning that the ticket counter was not even open yet. That is a strange feeling. It is the first time I have been to the San Jose airport before it has been bubbling with activity.


The Art of the Airplane Movie

The movie on the flight today was Rebound starting Martian Lawrence. It is surprising that Martian Lawrence can start in a kids movie. I guess this is just part of the fine tradition that includes Buddy Hackett staring in The Love Bug (you know where IMDB is. You can look up the links yourself.)

Rebound if the perfect movie for an airplane. It is perfect because I could follow every moment of the movie with out listening to any of the sound. It is a movie about super coach turning a misfit sports team into champions. I know the story already. All of the good jokes were physical comedy. I did not need any sound to know what was happening when he put Icey/Hot in his players armpits so they would play defense.

I am happy that the airline picks movies like this to play. I could much rather see Rebound then some romantic comedy which would not be so easy to understand. I think the airlines do a pretty good job at this. On my last few flights I have seen National Treasure, T3, Charlie’s Angels 2, and Dragonfly. All of these movies were not good, but good for airplanes.


Landing in Baltimore

My flight from Houston to Philadelphia left Houston almost an hour late. The plane landed late and everything seemed to be taking forever. This was not a good sign. I should have known it was going to get worse.

The flight was smooth until we reached Philadelphia. All of the sudden we were riding in serious turbulence. It was so bad that the plane was making motions that a plane just should not make. We circled for an hour. After that we ended up being diverted to Baltimore.

The moment I found out I could get off the plane, I was out of there. My sister picked me up in Baltimore. I was in no mood to get up in that weather and try to land in Philadelphia again. It was not my idea of fun. I am not sure what kind of start of a vacation this is.


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