Travel-blogue Day 5

Overheard Suburbs

“What? You're looking for a barging at 7-11. Are you stupid? Stop joking and pay up."

Coast v. Coast

When I was talking to aunt about living in San Jose she asked me how I liked it. I told her that I love my job, the weather is never too cold or too hot, and that I have a good circle of friends. Then she asked me if I liked it more then here, the Philadelphia area. Of course she asked me this question while other people were around. I answered her by telling her that both areas have good and bad points.

My answer was a bit of a dodge, but it is true. There are things big and small that like about California. It is everything from Dreamgirl and my job to how many good coffee shops there are and my real life Flickr community. It has taken me awhile, but I have really built a life in San Jose. Even if I do not like it as much as Philadelphia, it is not something I can just walk away.

There are a lot of things that I miss about the Philadelphia area. It would be nice to love close enough to my family that I do not have to take vacation to get home for Thanksgiving. I am jealous of my sisters being able to see each other so often. I might not want to shovel snow, but I miss that the snow.

The suburbs have chanced a lot in just the last seven years since I left. There is still something here that I remember. It means something to be here and live here. It is hard to describe, but I see it whenever I come back. It has something to do with the way people interact. It is not the same in San Jose. I miss that undesirable thing.

Whenever I go to any city I wonder if I could live there. It is just the way I look at the world when I travel. I feel that I could live here again. There are a lot of things here that still appeal to me. I feel that I could put a good life together for myself. I am just not in a rush to leave San Jose.

Do I like San Jose more than I like Philadelphia? When it comes purely to the conflict of place, I think that Philadelphia has an edge. There are lots of things here I miss. The difference is that I like the life I have in San Jose. That will keep in San Jose for a good while yet.


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