Music Markets

Slate has an interesting article about selling music using real time markets. The idea is that a song has a real time worth just like a stock or commodities. The idea is to reward more popular songs. It would also help less popular songs sell because you could get them for cheaper.

In the long run I think would be a bad idea. I do not see this as a good thing for artists or consumers. I can see lots of ways they would both end up getting screwed. In the end I think it would drive consumers way from buying music. If I do not know what the album is going to cost when I buy it, I might as well spend my money on a movie because I know what that is going to cost.

I know that we have the ability right now to sell lots of things using real time markets. Many people like this idea because it reflects the real time demand for the product and that should determine the cost of the product. I just worry that markets could be exploited and hard for the average customer to understand. I don't think it will help business because I do not think customers will confident in what they are buying. In the end that is a bad thing.


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