My friend Jimmy was trying to tell me that Al Gore was going to run for President in 2008. He said that Al Gore is the only Democrat who can say that he has been against the war the whole time. Jimmy also thinks that Al Gore can win the general election.

This got me thinking that Al Gore is a lot like Richard Nixon, pre-Watergate Richard Nixon. Let's look at the list, Former Vice President, lost a dubious election, Unpopular war started in the mean time. That is a very odd comparison but true.

I wonder if Al Gore is really going to run or not. I have a hard time seeing Al Gore winning the Primay if he did run. I am not sure what most Democrats think of him right now. I am not sure he can cash in on the Clinton Era. I think the average republican could sell the idea that the Clinton era was an illusion that we paid for later. If Al Gore was to win, he would have to run a hell of a campaign.


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