Whatever Happened to Whit Stillman

I was thinking about Whit Stillman lately. It appears I am not the only person who wonders what happened to him. He has not made a movie since The Last Days of Disco. That came out so long ago that I saw that movie in Pennsylvania. He has not put out a movie in seven years.

I wonder what happened. Could he no long find people to make his movies? Is he no longer interested in making movies? Did he find something that he liked doing better? Did his piss off the wrong person and no one is willing to sign the check?

I always like his movies. Many people say that his characters were just whinny yuppies. I would have to disagree. I always thought his characters were exerstential. I could understand the malaise his characters were under.

Maybe Wilt Stillman worked throught what made his films interesting. Maybe this is a good idea that he has not made another movie.


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